Free pic!


Free profile picture!

Hello. I'm taking art commisions, so that means you can order a picture for you profile (mine is Nyan Bolt)! If you do I will give you the link, you can save it and make it your profile picture. As simple as that.

Also, you can order a licking kitten! (As seen above Nyan Water). Kits101 animated it too! Also, the licking kitten DOES NOT work as your profile picture for the Wiki. If it does I will notify you. This icon ONLY works on KitsOnline. If you order a licking kitten, you can customize the background and markings. Then I will post your icon on the news on KitsOnline! EDIT: Licking Kits are no more. But the rainbow one is free!


For KitsOnline. The amount of Kit Bucks will be deducted from your account.

Nyan Cat: $15 Kit Bucks