Clothing for your Kits

SCARVES: To wrap around a cold Kit

SOCKS: To keep a Kit's feet warm

COLLAR: To know your Kit's name

HOODIE: To keep your whole Kit warm

Toys for your Kits

JINGLE BALL: Jingle, jangle! Let's play!

MOUSE: So fun!

YARN: Fun to unravel.

Questing Items (For KitsOnline only.)

COMPASS: Which way am I going? Find out with the compass!

ROPE: Climb up steep cliffs and earn Kit Bucks!

PocKIT Knife: Cut things, win Kit Bucks.

Other Items

KIT HOUSES: A snug place for your Kit to live

KITTOPPERS: Kit pencil toppers!

KITPADS: Kit mousepads.

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