September Kits: The First Kits

Each of these Kits were really important: and rare!

BOLT: A lightning Kit released in September

SUNNY: A bright, happy Kit released in September

RAINBOW: A little blue Kit holding a rainbow

CLOUDS: A stormy Kit released in September

RAIN: A rainy Kit released in September

October Kits: The Second Kits

Spookiest Kits yet!

PUMPKIN: A rotund little orange Kit, released in October

GHOST: A clothed Kit, released in October

VAMPIRE: A cloaked Kit, released in October

CANDY CORN: A sweet little Kit, released in October

WITCH: A cute brown Kit, released in October

November Kits: The Third Kits

Happy Thanksgiving!

KITACOPIA: This Kit replaces the fruits, released in November

PILGRIM: This Kit comes from far away, released in November

CORN COB: Nom nom! This Kit was released in Novemeber

INDIAN: This Kit does not want to fight, released in November

TURKEY: Gobble, gobble! Meow, meow! Released in November

December Kits: The Fourth Kits


HOT COCOA: Such a warm Kit! Released in December

SNOWKIT: This Kit took a while to make out of snow! Released in December

GIFT BOX: Here's your Kit Gift! Released in December

KITSMAS LIGHTS: So...bright! Released in December

CANDY CANE: Looks so good I could EAT it! Released in December

January Kits: The Fifth Kits

Happy Mew Year!

BLOWER KIT: A cute but loud Kit, released in January

CONFETTI KIT: Topped off with confetti, released in January

GLASSES KIT: How cool! The lenses say 2012, released in January

PARTY HAT KIT: This yellow and white Kit is just so cute, released in January

CLOCK KIT: Tick, tock, tick tock, released in January

Febuary Kits: The Sixth Kits

V - Day!

GIANTS KIT: With the help of this Kit, the Giants won the Super Bowl, released in Feburay

PATRIOTS KIT: Boo. Who wants them to win? It's still a cute Kit though, released in Febuary

ANGEL KIT: It flies around spreading love and joy, released in Febuary

LEAP YEAR KIT: The bounciest Kit of all, released in Febuary

CUPID KIT: If this Kit shoots you, you'll most likley adopt it, released in Febuary

March Kits: The Seventh Kits

Happy St. Patty's Day!

PI DAY KIT: 3.14 Kit, released in March

FIRST DAY OF SPRING KIT: So neon. So cute! Released in March

MARCH MADNESS KIT: He shoots, he scores! Released in March

POT 'O GOLD KIT: The end of the rainbow. Released in March

LENTEN KIT: I gave up...Released in March