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The newly formed KitsOnline (KO, created November 20th, 2011) is a site where you can adopt Kits, go on Quests, chat, message other players, trade, and breed Kits. (KO's badge, right) KitsOnline has the most possibilites ever, so, if you would like to join, read on!


First off, create an account. Once you are logged in, go to "Adopt a Kit!" and choose any Kit you would like. Name it, and it will automatically be in your account. To feed your Kits, you must click it. If you click your own Kit, you will lose three Kit Bucks. If you click someone else's Kit, you will gain ten Kit Bucks.


To quest, click "Quests". Scroll down to the quest you would like to do, and start. It will walk you through it. If you win, you will gain $100 Kit Bucks. If you lose, nothing happens. Sometimes, you can win an item!


To chat, click "Kit Chat", type a message in the bar below, then click "Shout!" Your message will appear above.


To message other players, click "Message Center". Then click "send a new message". Type the player's name in the box labeled, "Message Recipient", then the subject, and then the message. Then click, "Send PM". You have just sent a message!


To trade Kits, message a player (above) and ask if he/she could unlock that Kit to trade. To unlock your Kit, go to "My Kits" and select the Kit you wish to trade. Then click "Manage" . Scroll down to "Set trade status for ______" and click "Enable Trading". Now that Kit can be traded! If you want to trade with another player, click "Search for Kits" then click the blue text. Select the Kit you would like, leave the number box blank, and then select, "Owner will Accept Trades". Type in the words and click "Search Adoptables". All the Kits avalible to you will be shown. Then the first box will say, "ID". Remember that number, then go to "Trade Kits". The number you remembered will go in the first box. Select one of your Kits. If you want to trade Kit Bucks with a Kit, then type in the amount. You can also leave a message! Then submit your trade request. If the owner accepts the trade, Kits will swap accounts. If the owner denies the trade, Kits will not swap accounts.


To breed Kits with other players, message the person you wish to breed with. Tell them the Kit that you wish to breed (your Kit) and their Kit. Then message Kits101 with the two Kits and usernames. Both Kits (they will be different) will be on your's and the other person's account!